ETE “Sad and beautiful” (2015)

by ETE (Emler Tchamitchian Echampard)

The individual careers of Andy Emler, Claude Tchamitchian and Eric Echampard place them among the french, even european, most reputed musicians. Real interactive trio where the music develops and takes place in common, this band is situated between rich and diverse musical styles: contemporary, minimalist chamber-music, with the rock energy and the freedom of improvisation jazzistique. It is a matured, accomplished music and of a delicacy of arrangement and architecture ” timbrale ” remarkable. The album has a unique sound and his own creative dynamic, served by three accomplished and exceptional musicians.

ETE draws its way and opens new perspectives in the approach of the trio piano, bass, and drums, in which the world of the jazz is immensely rich. This year this trio, greeted by the press and the public in France and abroad (several tours in the Baltic States, in Germany and in England) celebrates its 10 years with this new album. Three albums in 10 years, it is the assertion there of the thoughtful musical investment which answers an essential artistic necessity for this trio which continues to live in a territory where the music spreads without restraint, nor code. A music of musicians for all the open ears…