ECM + La Buissonne

7 albums d’Andy Emler, signés chez la Buissonne sont distribués par ECM Records à l’international.

Depuis 2019, le catalogue du label La Buissonne, dont Andy Emler fait partie, signe un partenariat avec le label allemand très reconnu ECM RECORDS, pour la distribution et la promotion des albums du label.

Vous pouvez trouver les disques d’Andy Emler directement sur le site d’ECM.



In the mid-1980s, musician and sound engineer Gérard de Haro and two friends transformed a hangar in the small Provencal village of Pernes-les-Fontaines into a recording studio. In 1987 the studio started its operation and around this time de Haro met Manfred Eicher in Oslo. Over the years they kept in touch and Gérard de Haro became one of the preferred sound engineers of the ECM label. Well over 1200 jazz albums have been recorded in La Buissonne in 32 years, including many ECM classics. The in-house label La Buissonne has released numerous outstanding productions, which are now available outside France through ECM.

Studio La Buissonne has long been one of the top addresses for jazz not only in France. In the gastronomic field, it would have been awarded three stars in the Michelin Guide long ago. In Pernes, a wide range of this music has long been documented and brought into album-ready form, thus carefully distilling out what constitutes special improvisational music today, in all its stylistic and formal diversity. The sound of the flowing material is captured with the best of a combination of analogue and digital studio technology. In addition to the geographical location and other aspects, the human factor plays a special role in everything. It is not only the picturesque ambience, but above all the great experience and constant concentration on the essentials of the creative process.

Another link among many: La Buissonne was built at the suggestion of bassist Barre Phillips – since the beginning, a key figure among the artists who recorded for ECM Records. Phillips’ final bass solo album was made in La Buissonne with Manfred Eicher for ECM. Great albums by Louis Sclavis, Carla and Paul Bley, Charlie Haden, Jon Balke, Paul Motian, Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin, Elina Duni were made here at the foot of Mont Ventoux – an almost endless list.

In La Buissonne, the large recording room promotes an exact listening to each other, a shared feeling, positive aspects that do not show to advantage in the soundproof, notorious cellar studios. The musicians feel when to play and when not to. Gérard de Haro is their first listener and contact person, on whose advice everyone attaches great importance. Everyone involved in the La Buissonne team is fully committed to the music. Excellent technique is important, but not enough to capture the unknown.

Drawing from rich experience, daily direct contact with the artists, Gérard de Haro founded his own record label, specialized in subtle instrumental interaction, reflecting a wide range of contemporary music. The warm tone, the typical La Buissonne sound, was created by de Haro following his muse and choosing what he considered important. For example, he produced a series of outstanding albums by cellist Vincent Courtois and Andy Emler’s MegaOctet, a brilliant mini-big band that blows all the clichés of this orchestral jazz into the wind. In France, almost every La Buissonne CD is a favourite with critics and listeners at the end of the year. This music tells fascinating stories and the sounds echo the light-flooded landscapes of Provence, which have inspired so many great artists, not just painters, photographers and filmmakers. La Buissonne – a thirty-year history of great musical collaborations. Each album challenges us to rethink our own ideas of improvised music and to discover it as a land of unlimited possibilities. If music, as Luciano Berio said, is a language of feelings, these albums are like chapters of a great book written in real time.

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