“classical/contemporary“ projects

Emler---portraitAndy Emler, composer for “classical/contemporary“ projects

 A lot of original scores are written for symphonic orchestras, classical or contemporary ensembles, quatuor and so on…

Some french orchestras played them :

“Un été malmené“ for the trio Emler, Tchamitchian, Echampard and the Lille National Orchestra directed by Jean-Claude Casadesus

“Ciel de sable“ for a pianist improviser and the Victor Hugo Orchestra directed by Jean-Fançois Verdier

“How to be together“ for the Dijon Bourgogne Orchestra

“Open air“ for a saxophone quatuor Morphing, Ensemble Nomos, a percutionnists duet from the Paris Opera

“Tubafest“ musical pieces for the famous french tubist, François Thuillier, with the Cactus quatuor, the Evolutiv Brass Quartet and the Fact duo

All these scores are avalaible to be played…

Yon can see all in “Scores“ and ask for Andy