Trio ETE


 Useful Report

Here are 3 musicians who, for more than twenty years, have developed the ability to compose and improvise together while wandering through multiple projects in large orchestras such as: a concerto for trio and orchestra created by the National Orchestra of Lille, under the direction of Jean-Claude Casadesus, multiple pieces for trio and harmony ensemble and the essential MegaOctet.

Throughout the residences and albums, an original musical language was born, far from the “clichés” of jazz, inviting to travel within the multiple influences stemming from the music of the XXth century.

Their pleasure of “musicing” together is visible and this trio happily shares it.


Andy Emler: piano
Claude Tchamitchian: contrebasse
Eric Echampard: batterie


Photos :

© Cecil Matthieu

The “Compagnie aime l’air” is supported by French institutions: Drac, Ile-de-France Region and Val de Marne Department.