La Compagnie aime l’air

The company was created in November 2000 by pianist and composer Andy Emler, and Thierry Virolle. Since 2017 the “Compagnie aime l’air” has welcomed Camille Janodet as the manager of the organisation. The “Compagnie aime l’air” is a multifaceted entity, whose aim is to promote the musical objects of today and tomorrow, those of Andy Emler and / or his traveling companions, and to bring them to others. Towards the alter ego with wide open ears. The “Compagnie aime l’air” lives and breathes multiple, performs concerts, reaction creations, note residences, vacation resorts with sound bodies, improvisations of meaning, actions of gesture and mind, always tending towards pleasure and sharing. The “Compagnie aime l’air” sets the composer’s desires and projects to music with the help of friends musicians, dancers, actors, poets, creators of composite ideas, inventors of playing areas … without borders, languages ​​or territories. With the professional and the layman. Open, it composes and defends the public cultural space, without refusing a private species compares in artistic requirement, therefore without blindness, but with the conviction that together we gain from being more relevant.

La Compagnie aime l’air Camille Janodet – management +33 (0)6 32 68 43 84    

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The “Compagnie aime l’air” is supported by French institutions: Drac and the Ile-de-France Region. It is also supported by ADAMI, Sacem and Spedidam for its projects. Andy Emler MegaOctet is a member of the Grands Formats.