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Review: No rush, says Andy Emler by Jean-Claude Vantroyen, Le Soir, Belgium

Andy Emler, pianist, is the leader of the MegaOctet, a mini big band of nine musicians, and not the least, since there is our Laurent Blondiau on the trumpet, Guillaume Orti and Laurent on the saxophones, Claude Tamitchian on the double bass, Nguyen Lê on guitar, and so on. This group is a true laboratory of new ideas concocted by Professor Emler. Who, here, took his time. No Rush !,that’s the title of the album. He took it, during confinement, listening to 20th century composers, such as Schönberg, Ligeti, Lutoslawski, Ohana, etc. Result of this cautious but studious wait: a sequel for his MegaOctet. This sequel. Which we love very much. Because it makes us vibrate with its sounds, its timbres, its percussion. Because it is energetic and it arouses energy. Because all musicians are virtuosos. Because it is composed, written, sophisticated and, at the same time, it seems liberated, instantaneous. Because Emler never forgets the irony, the touch of humor that makes things so much more real. Because this music is, simply, obvious.

Jean-Claude Vantroyen

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