©Sylvain Gripoix

“There are no coincidences, just appointments.” Paul Eluard

I have been interested in the Dance-Music relationship for a long time. Indeed, through experiences with Caroline Carlson, José Montalvo, Anne-Marie Raynaud, Elodie Sicard or Bernardo Montet, and the various shows of Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, Angelin Prejlocaj and many others, the germ of a creation with dance has long been present.

At the same time, a real interest in street dance “performances”, and the different styles from hip hop to break dancing appeal to me.

What dance and with what music?

“Make ’em move” is a title that tells of our preoccupation with the state of live performance in a world where the “dependence” on the screen and the media hype of a certain consumer culture encourage isolation or even a path leading to a certain intellectual mediocrity or even a loss of curiosity and free choice. Caution, immediate danger!

Léa Cazauran, choreographer with multiple paths and the dancers of her company: Lady Rocks, are in these same historical movements, hence the choice to work together on this new creation with a dozen performers.

The musicians of the MegaOctet represent between them, a very wide range of influences and musical backgrounds ranging from classical culture to contemporary sounds through jazz, rock or other music that has become “traditional”. A joy for the motivation of the composer.

Léa Cazauran and I will be writing “à la carte” for musicians and dancers in order to create together a language in unison with our desires and those of the performers.

“Make ’em move” is the snapshot of a slice of life in this chaotic world where high time to take the right paths for, we hope, a better future for all.

– Andy

© Alexandre Ollier

Andy Emler


Andy Emler was born and raised in Paris, a child of rock whose music he plays by ear.

On the advice of Marie-Louise Boellman-Gigout, his piano teacher, he attempted and passed the entrance examination for writing classes at the National Conservatory of Music in Paris. He also comes out with a price of counterpoint.

1982, meeting with Antoine Hervé, with whom he produced his first album Horizons for piano and vibraphone.

Accompanist, improviser and composer, he travels the world with masters of French jazz such as François Jeanneau and Michel Portal, of whom he will be the regular pianist for several years. He notably collaborated with Trilok Gurtu and forged a strong and musical friendship with Dave Liebman, which continues today.

In 1989, Andy Emler created the MegaOctet, a large ensemble composed of nationally and internationally renowned virtuosos. This live music laboratory has been touring the stages of France and Europe ever since.
Between 1994 and 1999, he worked as co-director of the Scène et Marnaise de Création Musicale, a collective with several thinking heads that created the Putain d’Orchestre Modulaire. The POM is a great formation from which emerges a new generation of musicians ready for anything, in particular the future members of MegaOctet, Thomas de Pourquery and Médéric Collignon.

2002 the ETE trio is born, with Éric Échampard and Claude Tchamitchian, unwavering rhythm of Andy Emler MegaOctet, whose last album was released in 2022 (La Buissonne label under the leadership of Gérard de Haro at the console).

In addition, Andy composed the music for the show Ravel, directed by Anne-Marie Lazzarini, in March 2013, based on texts by Jean Echenoz. On this occasion, he received the Prize for best stage music composer awarded by the critics’ union in 2013. 3 Django d’or, 2 Jazz Victories later, Andy Emler became Knight of Arts and Letters in 2014.

Each program offered by Andy Emler deepens and develops an art of collective pleasure, a constantly renewed balance between improvisation and writing, and another between direction and initiative taken by the members of his formations. Over time, his commitment as a citizen of the world is affirmed. In search of an understanding of human relations in the interest of a better world, Andy Emler has been part of this dynamic for years within his various formations, as evidenced by the documentary Zicocratie made during the creation of the directory E total, for the Andy Emler MegaOctet, in 2012.

Constantly in motion, Andy Emler composes for different ensembles and multiple aesthetics. A demanding musician in his art to spread kindness and generosity.

© D.R.

Léa Cazauran


Léa is an explosive mix: an idea that rocks every minute, unparalleled professionalism and a unifying spirit that can withstand all tests. Léa takes us on board, energizes us, reassures us.

She began with theater, which she studied in high school, then trained at Kim Kan / Thony Maskot, and joined the Meauxtown school / BBoy Thias, a hip hop dance school. She specializes in lock, then toprock, a dance very little practiced by women. She made her name in the baales, and was a performer for choreographers: Ousmane Baba Sy, Bouside Aït Atmane, Clémence Pavageau, Nick Power, Valentine Nagata-Ramos.

She runs the Lady Rocks company.

Her visionary capacity and her intrepid personality diversify her: she coaches musical artists (Tsia), theater artists (Cie Pandart), and becomes artistic director of events / clips, speaker of events.

Léa Cazauran is an ineradicable creative jukebox.

Julia Ortola aka Funky J

Originally from the south of France, Julia Ortola Aka Funky-J discovered drums and tap dancing at the age of 10.

Passionate about music and dance, she decided at the age of 15 to turn to Locking. She then went to Los Angeles several times,
cradle of this dance, where it was trained and taken under the wing of the Locking pioneers. In 2012 after obtaining a dietician diploma, she joined the multidisciplinary professional training Juste Debout School from which she graduated in 2015, and where she became a teacher in 2016. A competitor, Funky-J has won numerous international competitions: UK bboys in London, WDC in Tokyo. Funky-J qualified seven times for the finals of the Juste Debout world championship at Bercy, and became the first and only woman to win it in Locking.

At the same time, a versatile artist, she is a performer in several companies including hers with her show BPM, but also a choreographer for shows, music videos or even on television. Funky-J also became an organizer by launching the first Locking Camp and Battle in France: Lock is not a Joke, bringing together dancers from all over the world since 2015. It now produces between 5 and 10 events a year in France and abroad. Wishing to push her art even further, Funky-J opened her own production company: J9 prod. Her musical background, her career experience, but also her knowledge of digital communication, make her a major and versatile asset for any artistic project.

Rodrigue Lino

More commonly known as “Lino El Maestro” or “Ben Johnson the Bear Trainer for friends.
Dancer Choreographer Organizer Artistic director Speaker Actor Director and director. Rodrigue is a 360° artist who has so many hats to his credit that it becomes difficult to navigate.
Co-founder and ex-Leader from 1998 to 2005 of the legendary Breakdance crew Fantastik Armada. Group with which he was crowned French Champion and Vice – World Champion in 2004 at the B.O.T.Y in Germany. After training in Havana in 2008 and guided by the greatest.
Rodrigue LINO stands out as one of the most influential figures of the current Salsa Hip Hop in France by inscribing in the world of Hip Hop dance and that of Latin dances his unique style Neosalsa which will become the title of one of the cult pieces of his company Xtremambo.

Jesus Gabriel Gil Sanchez aka Blackeye

Jesus, also known in the hip-hop dance world as “Bboy Blackeye”, was born in Caracas, Venezuela. He started dancing at the age of 10, during festivals in his neighborhood. Gradually dancing became her passion and her work. In particular the break, which he has been practicing since 2002, and through which he co-founded the groups Urban Tian Klan (UTK) and Aborigènes de Venezuela.
After representing Venezuela in Europe through battles (Slovakia, Holland, Russia, Ukraine), he moved to France in 2016. He has since joined the Guys Paris collectives as well as the Xtremambo company (which merges salsa and hip-hop).

Maelle Dufour

Maëlle Dufour started dancing at the age of 5 in Angoulême and since that day, she has never stopped. She entered the professional world at the age of 18 in the comedy Cleopatra by Kamel Ouali as an apprentice. Following this she participated in several television shows, finalist of “Got to dance”, “you can dance”. She is a dancer in the musical “Robin Hood” and she is assistant choreographer for “the 3 Musketeers”. It was then that she definitively infiltrated the (commercial) world of dance, music videos, artists such as Patrick Bruel, Mcsolaar, Louane, Léon Bridge, Calogero, Bearcubs, Khaled, Mariane Alzi.
She experimented quite young the art of improvisation with hip-hop dancers (freestyle) which led her to discover her style of dance that could be described as hybrid, between contemporary, modern jazz and break.
She preferably chooses to integrate and support artistic projects focused on singular choreographic research and with a committed purpose. She became a soloist for the Labèque sisters (pianists) in a contemporary creation on the theme of Romeo and Juliet. She dances for the Dresden Symphony Orchestra in Germany to choreographies by Yaman Okur. She enriched herself and continued to write alone in order to deepen her choreographic writing, then became, for four years, assistant choreographer for the Cie MAM.
She had the chance to work on occasion with Blanca Li and Benoit Swan and to join the company “Mouvmatik” by Physs Almedea, and “Faces” by Nawal Bounar.

Lisa Dwomoh aka Melle Leeza

After approaching classical and contemporary dance, she discovered hip hop via
breakdance then Newstyle.
A hybrid artist, she has worked with Black Blanc Beur, Iffra Dia, TSN and combines an artistic activity with several strings: dance, model, tattoo artist and creator of the brand “Couturevs Tattoo”.
She intervenes for the formation of the professional school Révolution / Anthony Egéa.

Santiago Codon Gras

Born in Buenos Aires, he left Argentina and Spain to join Marseille in 2003 and discovered Hip Hop Dance there. Very quickly attracted to the stage, he turned professional and performed in companies such as Pietragalla-Derouault or Par Terre. His meeting with David Colas will help him to refine his style and his specialization in breakin and together, they will create the duo Phorm which will be his first experience as a choreographer. Today, based in Paris, he continues his career as a dancer and performer and develops his choreographic signature under the CIE D DAl.

Ludovic Piscionneri

A professional dancer specializing in popping and waving, Ludovic has always been immersed in the artistic world with a dance teacher mother. At 13, he met Thô Anothaï and Alex Peters who took him into the world of hip hop culture.
In 2012, he trained at the Juste Debout School in Paris, participated in workshops and took private lessons in the United States, largely with Pop N Taco. He will continue to perfect himself in popping with Popin Smiley and in locking with P Lock.

After having experienced the world of battle, Ludovic is now a dancer performer in the YZ company with choreographers Bouzid Aït Atmane and Yanka Pédron (creations “R1R2-Start”, “Manège”, “Sleeping Water”) and dancer / assistant- choreographer in the Anothai company (creations “Volt”, “Ice Memory”).

Always attracted by the voice professions, he is also a dubbing and voice-over actor.

Virgile Garcia aka Amour

Trained at KimKan and Meaux Town schools, Virgile is a hip hop dancer of Battles and creations. Virgile develops a dreamlike and singular language thanks to his atypical gestures with plural influences: mime, popping, top rock or jazz rock.
He is currently working with Saïdo Lehlouh as an interpreter for the piece Home, a 2018 creation.

Laurent Blondiau


Creativity, Research, Improvisation, strength of the Collective but also Freedom, Energy, Multidisciplinarity, Openness to the arts and to the diversity of cultures are at the heart of my artistic approach as a trumpet player and composer.

At the center of my musical adventures: the Mâäk collective, founded in 1998, develops musical projects combining improvisation and non-Western traditions. A versatile collective, synonymous with musical freedom, it is the core of other formations: Mik Mâäk, an atypical big band of 16 musicians, Mâäk Kojo, jazz-dance-voodoo trance interaction from Benin and numerous collaborations.

On this path of discovery, I also met the following personalities and ensembles: Octurn, Kris Defoort, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Le Gros Cube, Marc Ducret, Brussels Jazz Orchestra, Magik Malik, Dre Pallemaerts, Aka Moon, Lee Konitz, Joe Lovano, Toots Thielemans, Maria Shneider, Ghalia Benali, Mahmoud Guinea, Mamady Keita, Baba Sissoko, Nathalie Loriers Extension, Andy Emler, Salia Sanou, …

Photo © Christophe Charpenel

Philippe Sellam

Alto saxophone

Born October 24, 1960 in Algiers

Soloist prize at the national competition of Paris la Défense,

Played with: Michel Portal, Paco Sery group, Roy Hargrove, Andy Emler, Mino Cinelu, Bernard Purdie, Glenn Ferris, Orlando Maraca Valle, Lucky Peterson, Omar Sosa, Stéphane Belmondo, Emmanuel Bex, Médéric Collignon, Electro de luxe, Reggie Washington, Antoine Hervé, François Jeanneau, Patrice Caratini, Chico Freeman, Big Band Lumière European tour with Gil Evans, John Scofield, Orchester National de Jazz dir. Denis Badault, The London Symphony Orchestra…

Variety: MC Solaar, Henry Salvador (album and live), Charles Aznavour (album), Claude Nougaro (album), Michel Jonasz, Sansevérino (album), Mangu, Wally Badarou, J.Jacques Milteau… Produces the music for radio, television and advertising credits (Thierry Ardisson “Hello Earthlings”) Leads numerous educational courses and master classes. Recorded on approximately 100 albums

Groups to which he mainly devotes himself today: NoJazz, Philippe Sellam trio, Andy Emler Mégaoctet.

Photo © Christophe Charpenel

Guillaume Orti

Guillaume Orti

He started the saxophone at 11 years old. He continued at the Conservatoire de Région d’Avignon, classical music, jazz and improvisation. In 1990 he spent 4 weeks of seminar at the Banff of Fine Arts in Canada under the direction of Steve Coleman. He has been part of the Kartet group since 1989.

Work with the dance, with the text.

Meet many musicians across Europe, in Finland and in the Baltic countries. Works diligently on the Belgian projects of Octurn and Laurent Blondiau, Benzine by Franck Vaillant in France, or the group Caroline by Sarah Murcia…

Travel companion of Andy Emler for years, within the MegaOctet, the trio Emler / Sissoko / Orti and various creations of the composer. (Childhood journeys with the Percussions de Strasbourg, from “Slam to the Atlas…).

An accomplished musician, composer and improviser, he led the European Saxophone Ensemble in 2012 and 2013, bringing together 12 young saxophonists from 12 different countries of the European Union on an original repertoire composed by 5 European composers.

Photo © Christophe Charpenel

Laurent Dehors

Tenor saxophone, bass clarinette

1983: 1st prize for clarinet and music theory unanimously in the class of Jacques Lancelot (Rouen). Musician with multiple and eclectic musical activities. Highly requested.

Today he directs, Tous Dehors, Laurent Dehors trio, a Septet “Dommage à Glenn“, the Méga Fanfare. He plays, among others, with the Andy MegaOctet, François Raulin & Stephan Oliva and the trio “Grande“.

He played with Michel Portal New Unit, Daniel Humair, Louis Sclavis, the POM, Martial Solal and many others. Many creations, concerts and residences in France and abroad.

Photo © Christophe Charpenel

François Thuillier


Born in 1967, he began music in Doullens in the Somme and after his various awards at the conservatories of Amiens, Lille and Roubaix, he entered the CNSM in Paris where he won three 1st prizes.

Soloist in all registers, improviser, he turns to other horizons: jazz and improvised music and participates in several creations for various formations.

Since 1988, he has performed all over the world with P.Boulez, L.Bowie, M.Solal, M. Legrand, B.Lubat, M. Portal, P.Caratini, The Paris Orchestra, The Opera de Lyon, the Radio France orchestra, the Intercontemporain ensemble, L.Sclavis, Steckar Tubapack…

He currently plays with A.Emler’s Méga Octet, JM.Machado’s Danzas, Evolutiv Brass, Brass Danse Orchestra, the Elephant Tuba Horde and in several small formations…

Formations with which he recorded several discs and performed in many festivals

Author of several educational books, he has been teaching at the Amiens Conservatory since 1995.

It is sponsored by YAMAHA Music Europe.

His discography has more than 200 CD’s, including more than 25 under his name.

Photo © Christophe Charpenel

François Verly


Eight years of “classical” career and a first prize in percussion (Créteil Conservatory 1978). He met Andy Emler in 1978 and therefore opened up to improvised music, which led him to play with, among others: Lee Konitz, Michel Edelin, Michel Portal, Randy Brecker, Bernard Lubat, ONJ 86 and 87, Marc Ducret etc etc… Also works for “contemporary” music, dance, song (Vassiliu, Nougaro…), oriental jazz music (Anouar Brahem, Safi Boutella, Senem Diyici…)…

Today he plays regularly with Manu Pekar trio, Sylvain Beuf Quintet, Andy Emler MegaOctet and others…, while directing the Percussion quartet.

He toured all over the world. Martial Solal makes it a reference both for his talents as a percussionist, pianist (1st prize for piano soloist, Concours de la Défense 1986) and composer.

Photo © Christophe Charpenel

Eric Echampard


Born December 24, 1970 in Bourg-en-Bresse (France)

Biography of Stéphane Ollivier, journalist at “Inrockuptibles”, commissioned by the Orchester National de Jazz 2014/2018 (dir. Olivier Benoit).

“At the same time an outstanding technician, rich in a high-level classical training (he holds a First Prize in classical and contemporary percussion obtained in 1995 at the CNSM in Lyon in the class of François Dupin), and an instinctive musician , fundamentally open to all forms of current popular and experimental music (from modern jazz in all its forms to rock, passing through the infinite degradation of improvised music), Eric Echampard is one of those few atypical personalities who over the past fifteen years have profoundly renewed the art of drumming in the field of contemporary European jazz.

Spotted simultaneously by Bernard Struber who joined him in 1992 at the ORJA (group of which he is still a member and since renamed Jazztet) and by Jacques Di Donato who the following year offered him the place of drummer in his quintet and his large ensemble Friche System, Eric Echampard will very quickly impose himself as the privileged interlocutor of the most innovative musicians of the hexagonal scene, integrating in quick succession the trio of François Corneloup, that of Marc Ducret (with Bruno Chevillon), the Grand Lousadzak of Claude Tchamitchian or Andy Emler’s MegaOctet…

Sought after by all that the European scene has of “historic” musicians (Michel Portal, Louis Sclavis, François Jeanneau), Eric Echampard will over the years deepen his long-term relationships with Marc Ducret and Andy Emler (he is also part of his trio with Tchamitchian), start new collaborations (Dave Liebman, Benjamin Moussay, Christophe Monniot, Fabrice Martinez, Yvan Robilliard, Florent Pujuila, Vincent David) and open up to some new horizons by venturing into improvisation free in duet with the Finnish accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen or more hybrid projects on the borders of rock and contemporary music with the group Caravaggio alongside Bruno Chevillon, and composers Benjamin de La Fuente and Samuel Sighicelli. »

Photo © Christophe Charpenel

Claude Tchamitchian


Born in Paris, he studied the double bass at

Avignon Conservatory, awarded in 1987.

In 1994, he founded Émouvance, a record label and production structure based in Marseille which endeavors to support and promote the work of musicians from the world of Afro-American music and the intersection of this with live music written and mainly European improvisations. The Émouvance catalog currently has 45 references.

He is the composer and leader of the Lousadzak, Amarco trio, Ways Out quintet, Poetic Power trio, Naïri trio ensembles and performs regularly as a soloist. He carries out research and develops a new technique on the double bass, illustrated by his latest solo album “In Spirit” (CD Emv 1040 – Éditions Oenso, Musicale Script).

He is a member of Mégaoctet and Andy Emler’s trio, Quest of the Invisible and Naïssam Jalal’s Healing Rituals, Régis Huby’s The Ellipse and Métamorphoses orchestras, Bruno Angelini’s Open Land quartet, Ogre Intact, quartet by Pierrick Hardy …).

For more than 30 years, Claude Tchamitchian has worked in different artistic fields and created music
originals for dance and theatre. He is regularly called upon in educational projects for
very diverse audiences, amateurs or professionals. In 2012, he created the Les Émouvantes festival in Marseille, an annual thematic musical event.

Photo © Christophe Charpenel




La Compagnie aime l’air : cieaimelair@andyemler.eu
In partnership with Lady Rocks




Studio Sextan – Malakoff (92)
Mains d’oeuvres – Saint-Ouen (93)
Le CND – Pantin (93)
La Halle aux Cuirs – La Villette – Paris (75)
Le Triton – Les Lilas (93)
Le Pavillon – Romainville (93)
La Chaufferie – Cie DCA – Philippe Découflé – Saint-Denis (93)
CDBM – Perreux-sur-marne (94)





Drac Ile-de-France
Région Ile-de-France
Conseil Départemental du Val-de-Marne




Audition for 10 dancers: Studio Sextan – La Fonderie, November 17


Musical residency at Studio Sextan from September 3 to 5
Choreographic residency from December 28 to 2 at Mains d’oeuvres
Choreographic residency on December 3 at the CND

Choreographic residency at La Halle aux Cuirs from December 5 to 16
MegaOctet residency at La Halle aux Cuirs from December 5 to 7
Presentation “Work in progress” for Professionals on December 7
Musical Residence at the Triton from December 15 to 17



Music and dance residency:
The Pavilion (93) – February 13 to 17
Chaufferie – Cie DCA Philippe Découflée – 9 to 12 May

Spring at the CDBM – May 14 to 16




Work in progress presentation: December 7 at La Halle aux Cuirs – Paris (75)
Repertoire Make ‘en move without dancers, December 17 at Triton Les Lilas (93)
Rehearsal open to students fromRomainville on February 16
Premiere on February 17, 2023 at the Pavillon, Romainville (93)
Residency on May 15, 16 and creation on May 17, 2023 at CDBM Le Perreux-sur-Marne (94)
CreationMay 16, CDBM le Le Perreux-sur-Marne (94)
Jazz au Fil de l’Oise – Spring 2023 (95)
MCA – Amiens (80) – Autumn 2023
Le Théâtre du Grand Angle – Voiron (38) – Autumn 2023 (38)






Artistic team

Andy Emler: compositions and piano
Léa Cazauran: Choreography, dance


Andy Emler: piano compositions
Claude Tchamitchian: double bass
Eric Echampard: drums
Francois Verly: percussion
Guillaume Orti: alto saxophone
Laurent Blondiau: trumpet and flugelhorn
Francois Thuillier: Tuba
Philippe Sellam: alto saxophone
Laurent Dehors: saxophones, clarinets, bagpipes.


Lady Rocks

Léa Cazauran
Julia Ortola aka Funky J
Rodrigue Lino
Jesus Gabriel Gil Sanchez aka Blackeye
Maelle Dufour
Lisa Dwomoh aka Melle Leeza
Santiago Codon Gras
Ludovic Piscionneri
Virgile Garcia aka Amour

Technical team

Vincent Mahey: Sound engineer
Marine Stroeher: Light Design

Camille Janodet: Coordination, administration – 06 32 68 43 84

Estelle Contamin: Production manager – makeemmoveprod@gmail.com

With the support of La Compagnie DCA in Saint-Denis




La Compagnie aime l’air

Camille Janodet (France) · cieaimelair@andyemler.eu

Monart Music Agency

Gustavo Mezo (International)