Just a beginning


We no longer present the MegaOctet in its nine musicians version as there would be much to say about the many recordings and different repertoires. (MegaOctet plays Frank Zappa, Strasbourg percussions and the MegaOctet…)

8 Albums punctuated the march of this orchestra which has become a “virtuoso figure” of French music today. Indeed, this music plays on all the labels bringing together audiences who love classical, contemporary, jazz or pop-rock music. “The energy of rock n’ roll, the jazzmen’s groove combined with scholarly writing ”

This new “anniversary” program invites some of the “old timers” who have not been overlooked in the history of the orchestra, not to mention the 8 other incredible soloists of this extraordinary instrumental ensemble, “they are only new and sound like 25”.

The musical content gives way to different compositions heard over the years of “orchestral travel”. Pieces representative of the evolution of the writing style, the sound of the orchestra (which became more acoustic today than electric yesterday) and the “musical staging” of the soloists will remain the composer’s priority.

The sound design of Vincent Mahey, sound engineer who has been an integral part of the orchestra for more than 20 years, and the lighting and visuals of Jean Grison who was already in charge of the first versions of the orchestra in 1989, will bring the “final touch” to this surprise concert or, as so often, humor and creativity come together in a skilful combination for the greatest pleasure of all.


Andy Emler: piano compositions
Claude Tchamitchian: double bass
Eric Echampard: drums
François Verly: percussions
Guillaume Orti: Alto saxophone
Laurent Blondiau: Trumpet
François Thuillier: Tuba
Philippe Sellam: Alto saxophone
Laurent Dehors: saxophones, clarinettes, cornemuse.



Nguyên Lê: electric guitar
Thomas de Pourquery: voice & alto saxophone alto
Médéric Collignon: Cornet & voice

Son: Vincent Mahey, Nicolas Servant
Lights and effects: Jean Grison



Live and Studio photos by 
Christophe Charpenel
MegaOctet / “Andy au gâteau”:
Sylvain Gripoix


The “Compagnie aime l’air” is supported by French institutions: Drac and the Ile-de-France Region. It is also supported by ADAMI, Sacem and Spedidam for its projects. Andy Emler MegaOctet is a member of the Grands Formats. The Andy Emler MegaOctet is in partnership with the La Buissonne label and the Sextan studio – La Fonderie