No Rush

New album in 2023 via La Buissonne Records !

After the album  “a moment for…”, let’s think about our behavior, often absurd, “No Rush”, so as not to rush headlong into the same dead ends, towards a “return to abnormality”. This new repertoire expresses optimism, a societal utopia that, we hope, will become reality.

“No rush”, created in 2020, is not another creation for the “now mythical” MegaOctet, it is a painting of the ephemeral where everything goes too fast. Risk-taking here?… the patience of discovery and the curiosity of the other. A rant, a breath of fresh air for a daring philosophy of life, a reality of the sensitive. A new repertoire full of the unexpected where the orchestra becomes the only soloist, where the music explores, explodes, surprises and “without rushing”… rests!

We no longer present the MegaOctet in its nine-piece version as there is so much to say about the many recordings and different repertoires. (MegaOctet plays Frank Zappa, the percussions of Strasbourg and the MegaOctet…)



Andy Emler: piano compositions
Claude Tchamitchian: double bass
Eric Echampard: drums
François Verly: percussions
Guillaume Orti: Alto saxophone
Laurent Blondiau: Trumpet
François Thuillier: Tuba
Philippe Sellam: Alto saxophone
Laurent Dehors: saxophones, clarinettes, cornemuse.

Sound engineer: Vincent Mahey, Nicolas Servant
Lightning: Jean Grison



Sylvain Gripoix


La Compagnie aime l’air is supported by  DRAC and Région Ile-de-France
No Rush is also supported by ADAMI, Sacem and Spedidam
Andy Emler MegaOctet is an active member of Grands Formats – Fédération d’artistes pour la musique en grande formation.
Andy Emler MegaOctet is a partner of La Buissonne and studio Sextan – PeeWee!



La Compagnie aime l’air

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