Elise Caron & Andy Emler

Feel the Time

Duo Andy Emler & Elise Caron

Feel the time 

Over the centuries, organists have always been both improvisers and performers, unlike most other instrumentalists.

The 20th century spawned a host of new musical languages, such as jazz and amplified music (pop rock, etc.), and the practice of improvisation has once again found its place in musical careers.

Elise Caron and Andy Emler are part of this generation of artists who have traversed the worlds of classical, contemporary, jazz and other traditional and popular music.

In ‘Feel the time’, they offer us an optimistic moment juggling the written word with instrumental and vocal improvisation. Andy Emler’s compositions and a great soloist deliver a message of tolerance, altruism and compassion.

Elise Caron (author – composer – performer) crosses the ages with her multiple talents as an actress in the cinema and on stage. Her voice contributes to the creative process, waltzing between contemporary music, song and improvisation, and resonating with the organs of Andy Emler (pianist, organist, composer and conductor), whose prolific career has focused on creation and the pleasure of sharing music.

The choice of authors for this new repertoire is a skilful blend of humour and seriousness, for a moment of pure pleasure for the ears, and even the eyes.

A real-time replay allows the audience to appreciate the complicity and connivance of the duo, seated at the keyboards of the organ.

A concert spanning the music of the 20th century, without frontiers, creating music for the 21st century, on great organs with a voice is a rare moment in a world where ‘living together’ is becoming an absolute priority for the good of humanity without exception.

Personnel :


Andy Emler : orgue
Elise Caron : Vocals



Photos :


© Valérie Clement
© Sylvain Gripoix

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