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“To be free in essence, Andy Emler should not be confined to any musical category, box or taxonomy.”

  Ludovic Florin / Musicologist


MegaOctet | Trio ETE | Organ and reeds duet


©Sylvain Gripoix 


New creation : “No Rush !” 

Following the 2018 album called “A moment for”, proposing a “moment to” reflect on our often absurd behaviors, the MegaOctet gives birth to “No Rush” (to be released on La Buissonne Records), not to rush headlong into the same dead ends, towards a “return to the abnormal”. This new creation by Andy Emler expresses an optimism of reality and a societal utopia. “No Rush” is not only another additional work of the “Mythical Now” MegaOctet, but a painting of the ephemeral where everything goes too fast. The risk-taking here?…the patience of discovery and curiosity of the other. A roar, a bubble of oxygen for a daring philosophy of life, a reality of the sensitive. A new repertoire full of unexpected things where the orchestra becomes the only soloist, where the music explores, explodes, surprises and rests “without hurrying”…!

© Sylvain Gripoix

ETE Trio


New album : Useful Report 2021  

Here are three musicians who, for more than twenty years, have developed the ability to compose and improvise together while playing in multiple projects with large orchestras such as: a concerto for trio and orchestra created by the Orchestre National de Lille, under Jean-Claude Casadesus’ direction, multiple pieces for trio and wind ensembles and the inevitable “MegaOctet”. 

Over the course of their residencies and albums, an original musical language was born, far from the “clichés” of jazz, inviting you to travel through the multiple influences of 20th century music.

Their pleasure to play together is visible and this trio happily shares it.

© Jeff Humbert

Organ and reeds duet with Dave Liebman

or Laurent Dehors  

Andy Emler’s music and the spaces left for improvisations highlight a kind of ideal balance between the telluric power of the Earth and the spirituality of the Air. Just like the generous hedonism and incandescent lyricism of these two singular soloists. The friendly metting between these two great musicians offers a music traveling between composition and improvisation at its highest level. From repetitive music to modern jazz, from rock energy to contemporary music, influences are multiple and the result is full of surprises. Ballads and grooves intertwine, enriched by the multiple sounds of the organ, clarinets and saxophones.


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