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The wake up call


Andy Emler is composing a new repertoire for this new training in large format.

The challenge for this creation, to combine music of oral tradition with music of composition.

Great improvisational soloists at the service of vocal polyphony and great singers at the service of virtuoso instrumentalists.

A coherent musical journey where everyone finds their place, there is their moment, takes pleasure in listening to the other.

Indeed, the argument of this work revolves around altruism, the curiosity aroused by our differences and not fear or rejection, of this great cultural food that are exchanges and respect for life.

“The wake up call”: a musical moment in the service of pleasure and emotional jubilation that Sound generates.

The first meeting: September 2017, the festival of “Polyphonic Meetings of Calvi” invites me to give a solo organ concert at the cathedral of the citadel of Calvi.

The day before, I hear in this same place a concert given by the vocal group “A Filetta”. Like a “love at first sight”, the desire to write for the 6 male voices is immediate. Apart from a certain tradition of Corsican polyphonies, I hear music that goes beyond traditional sounds. I am under the spell, ideas are bursting out.

The second meeting: After having thought about the music and the possible instrumentation I find myself, the day after another concert of the ensemble in Calvi, in this splendid little village of Lumio, in Corsica, where A Filetta lives. I listen to them work in another repertoire and tell them about the concert on which I took notes on the songs and the few details that seem important to me. Let’s go ! They want to go see other musical universes, we really want each other to work together. The instrumentation is chosen and it will be with a Quartet composed of Claude Tchamitchian on double bass, Laurent Dehors on clarinets and François Verly on percussion. So there will be ten of us.

Music is prepared with the ingredients that I like such as groove, rhythm, harmony and above all the pleasure of finding a sound where everyone is there for a great moment of pleasure.

Andy Emler – 2018

© Armand Luciani 


Andy Emler: direction & piano compositions
Claude Tchamitchian : double bass
François Verly : percussions
Laurent Dehors : saxophones, clarinettes, cornemuse.


Choir A Filetta

Jean-Claude Acquaviva
François Aragni
Petr’Antò Casta
Paul Giansily
Maxime Vuillamier

Sound : Vincent Mahey


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Orgre Fulminant – Andy :
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A Filetta
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The “Compagnie aime l’air” is supported by French institutions: Drac and the Ile-de-France Region.
“The Wake Up Call” is supported by Spedidam
A co-production the Company loves the air, A Filetta, Le Musée des Confluence and the meeting of polyphonic songs from Calvi.